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Frequent Questions about Ordering Fruit Crate Labels from TheLabelMan

    How do I find specific items in your store?

    Please use our search engine as much as possible, it is a wonderful tool. I've tried to include keywords for every item since the task of going through our thousands of items can be intimidating. If you are looking for certain background colors type the color you are looking for into the search engine box. If you are looking for topical items, here are a few popular categories you can pull up through the search engine:


    This is just a small sample of topics, for magazine ads you may want to search by company. For fun, people often search for their name on a label, for example Bob, Deb or Jean.

    Do you sell reproductions?

    No, everything on this website is original and printed on or around the date mentioned. For more details on dating labels please visit my Collecting Tips page.

    What is a crate label?

    Crate and can labels are made of paper and were printed for the intention of being pasted on a crate or can. The magazine ads are pages taken from old magazines. These items are considered ephemera, short lived items that were meant to be used and thrown away. For more information on either topic please visit our History of Labels and Magazine Ads pages.

    Why are they still here?

    Most of the labels you see are from what is considered warehouse finds. They are left over inventory that was never used or thrown out. These labels sat in packing plants for decades undiscovered. For more information on this area please visit my History of Labels page.

    Where did you get them?

    I've collected labels for close to 30 years and have worked in the agriculture industry for quite some time. Originally as I mentioned, most of the labels came from warehouse finds and over the years have been gathered up. Most are now in the hands of collectors or dealers. The days of driving in the country tracking down labels for the most part has passed. Today the label hobby is more similar to something like collecting stamps: they are bought, sold and wholesaled. The majority of what I offer I've bought from dealers, collectors or sometimes the actual family represented on the label.

    Do you buy labels?

    Yes, we are continually buying labels and adding to our inventory. We have bought very large dealer inventories down to small collections. For information and advice on selling your labels please visit my We Buy Labels page.

    How are label values determined?

    As with most collectibles, supply and demand sets price. With labels, I have to add that demand is the major factor with supply being a much less factor. Decorators are always looking for the best images and to some extent collectors also. A supply of 5,000 labels with a great image of a cat will disappear into the hands of collectors and dealers very quickly driving the price up while a supply of 1,000 plain labels with text only will last a very long time and prices will seem to stay the same.

    What condition are your items in?

    We have a reputation of being very picky on condition. If there are any condition issues with a label it will be mentioned in the listing. The same with magazine ads, keep in mind that magazine ads were taken from magazines and there is a rough border on one side. I spend quite a lot of time putting up the best scans available, not only so you can see what you are getting but also for the pleasure of viewing them. Please click on the larger images for a more detailed view. When viewing a pop-up window keep in mind that you can grab the side or corner of the window to make it larger. Also the image will adjust to the window, in order to see the full size of the image there is an icon on the bottom right of the image that will appear, it's a green four way direction logo, click on that the see the full size.

    Why all the different sizes?

    Label size depends on the size of the container. The purpose of the label was to identify the contents and they would be placed on a front panel. A cherry crate was very small so you have smaller cherry labels, orange crates were very large so you have larger orange labels. Magazines also vary in size. I list dimensions for every item.

    What can I do with them?

    Many people collect labels and ads, also seed packets. Decorators love them for not only their historical appeal but their vivid colors. I've had magazines such as Sunset buy a group of labels, frame them and feature them in a home layout. Sunset used them in a game room that had a pool table and card table. For more information on both these areas please view my Collector Tips page and Decorating Tips page.

    How do you ship them?

    We use USPS and go to the post office daily. Labels are shipped flat with sturdy backing, larger magazine ads are shipping in heavy mailing tubes. You have the option of first class or priority shipping. If you would like your magazine ad to be shipped flat please choose the priority option, also let us know. If you have some special needs or requests please contact us. We've mailed well over 25,000 packages through our ebay sales and have a reliable shipping procedure.

    What about copyrights?

    I do not give any advice about copyrights, I do not know the exact information on each image and that can become a legal issue I do not care to get involved in. I sell only original items and there is no legal issues to worry about since there are no reproductions here. What I can say is certain images like those of Sunkist are probably still licensed by Sunkist since they are still in business. On labels were the company has been out of business for some time the copyrights may have been renewed or picked up by someone marketing the image. There is no way of telling who owns the copyrights unless a search is done.

    Popup window problems?

    I've tried to offer some very nice well detailed large scans. If you have dial-up this may cause a problem in the time it takes for them to load, you may not want to view the larger images on the pop-up windows. When viewing a pop-up window keep in mind that you can grab the side or corner of the window to make it larger. Also the image will adjust to the window, in order to see the full size of the image there is an icon on the bottom right of the image that will appear, it's a green four way direction logo, click on that the see the full size.

    Do you take special requests?

    Yes, if you are looking for a specific label let us know. If we don't have it, we may be able to find it or give you advice on how to find it.