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Other Fruit Crate Labels

GRAPE Crate Labels
A wide selection of Grape crate labels, included crate labels used for wine grapes and New York Fruit Crate Labels
melon Crate Labels
We offer a nice selection of melon crate labels included many Fruit Crate Labels from Arizona and California
Cherry Crate Labels
Cherry crate labels are a fun area of collecting. Cute smaller fruit crate labels with wonderful images of cherries.
Cranberry Fruit Crate Labels
A wide selection of Original Cranberry Crate Labels including 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 barrel sizes
Peach Fruit Crate / Can Labels
A wide selection of Vintage Peach Can and Crate Labels from various parts of the country
Plum/Prune Crate / Can Labels
A nice selection of hard to find Plum crate labels and Prune crate labels
Avocado Crate Labels
A nice selection of Avocado Crate Labels with images of Avocados along with some fun graphics
Berry Crate / Can Labels
A wonderful variety of different types of berries, strawberry, gooseberry, bosysenberry, raspberry etc. Both antique can labels and Fruit Crate Labels
Other Fruit Crate Labels
A nice selection of various lug labels for other treefruit. Also Fruit Crate Labels with no designated variety on the label