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Berry Crate / Can Labels
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ALLEN'S Vintage North Sedgwick Blueberry Can Label
AMBASSADOR Vintage Armsby Loganberry Can Label
AROMA Vintage Paducah, Kentucky Strawberry Crate Label
BABY STUART Vintage Blueberries Can Label, wear
BLUEBERRY HILL Vintage Blueberry Can Label
BLUEBERRY PIE Vintage Blue Berry Can Label
BORDEN PERKIN Black Raspberries Crate Label
BORDEN PERKIN Red Raspberries Crate Label
BORDEN PERKIN Strawberry Crate Label
BRIDGE Vintage Canadian Blueberry Can Label
BUDDY Vintage Strawberry Crate Label
BUTTERFLY Vintage Red Raspberries Can Label
CHOICE ENGLISH Vintage Strawberry Can Label, L
CHOICE ENGLISH Vintage Strawberry Can Label, S
DEL MONTE Vintage Loganberries Can Label
DIXIE AROMA Vintage Paducah Strawberry Crate Label
EDMONDSON'S FAVORITE Vintage Blackberries Can Label
ELKAY Brand Vintage Blackberries Can Label
EVERGLADE Vintage Carnation, WA Blackberry Can Label
FAR WEST Vintage Berry Can Label
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FLAG Vintage Fort Stanwix Canning Co Blackberries Can Label
FOREST CITY Vintage Black Raspberries Omaha Can label
FOREST CITY Vintage Omaha Strawberry Can Label
GADDIS Blueberry Crate Label, Berries
GERBRO Vintage Strawberry Can Label
GOLD MEDAL Brand Vintage 1900’s Sacramento Can Label
GOLDEN GATE Vintage Loganberry Can Label
HERRICK'S Vintage Blueberry Can Label(pie)
HONEYSUCKLE Vintage Blackberries Can Label
HORN O' PLENTY Vintage Blueberries Can Label
JACK SPRAT Vintage Gooseberry Can Label
JOE DEMARCO Vintage Strawberry Crate Label
JORY Vintage Salem OR Blackberry Can Label
KEYSTONE Brand Vintage Youngberries Can Label
KINGWOOD Vintage Oregon Raspberry Can Label
LUXURY Vintage Blackberry Can Label, scuffing
M & M Vintage Strawberry Crate Label
MARVEL Vintage Illinois Black Raspberry Can Label
MEADOW BROOK Brand Vintage Loganberries Can Label
MEADOW BROOK Vintage Blackberry Can Label
MIDWEST Vintage Blackberry Can Label
MINTON’S Brand Oregon Black Raspberry Can Label
N M B BEST Vintage Watsonville Strawberry Crate Label
NILE Vintage Berry Can Label, damage
OREGON Vintage Blackberries Can Label, yellow

Displaying 1 to 45 (of 82 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]