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Canned Food labels-other states
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FORT SUTTER Vintage Green Bean Can Label
FRANCO-AMERICAN Vintage Chicken Gumbo Can Label, L
FRANCO-AMERICAN Vintage Chicken Gumbo Can Label, L2
FRANCO-AMERICAN Vintage Consomme Madrilene Can Label, M
FRANCO-AMERICAN Vintage Turtle Soup Can Label, M
FREE LANCE Vintage Illinois Tomato Can Label, holes
French Candy Label LEONTINES
Our Price: $3.99

French Candy Label, BonBons Russes
French Candy Label, Boules Pectorales
French Candy Label, BOULES TOUS FRUITS, large
French Candy Label, Framboises Delices
French Candy Label, Miellines de Bretagne
French Candy Label, Pastilles Au Miel
French Candy Label, Perles Glaciales
French Candy Label, PERLES GLACIALES, large
French Candy Label, Vanille Boules Extra
FRENCH OPERA Vintage New Orleans Spice Can Label Set
FUZZY WUZZY Vintage Cat Food Can Label
GADDIS Vintage Maine Blueberry Can Label, smaller
GINGHAM DOG Vintage Pet Food Can Label
GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI Vintage Macaroni Box Label
Our Price: $12.99

GLENDORA Vintage Fruit Can Label
Our Price: $3.99

GLENDORA Vintage Vegetable Can Label
GLENDORA Vintage Warren PA Pumpkin Can Label
GOLD MEDAL Vintage Hawaiian Pineapple Can Label, New York
GOLD VALUE Vintage Apple Sauce Can Label
GOLDEN BANTAM Vintage Corn Can Label
GOLDEN EAGLE Vintage Sliced Peaches Can Label
GOLDEN GRAIN Vintage Sugar Corn Can Label
GOLDEN KING Vintage New York Can Label, wear
GRAND VIEW Vintage Tomato Can Label, 1 pound
GREAT WESTERN Vintage Delphi IN Beans Can Label
GREATER MINNESOTA Vintage Coffee Can Label
GREEN BAY Vintage Wisconsin Telephone Peas Can Label, bend
GUILFORD Vintage Tomato Can Label
Our Price: $12.99

HAMBURGH Vintage New York Pea Can Label
HAND PACKED TOMATOES Vintage Wilkesboro Can Label
HATCHET BRAND Vintage Corn Can Case End Label
HEART OF AMERICA Vintage Cut Beets Can Label, holes
HEART OF AMERICA Vintage Pitted Red Cherries Can Label, holes
HEART OF AMERICA Vintage Sweet Wrinkled Peas Can Label, holes
HELEN Vintage North Collins Can Label, brown
HELEN Vintage Refugee Beans Can Label, blue
HOME TOWN Vintage Taunton Molasses Can Label

Displaying 181 to 225 (of 510 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]