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Antique Seed Packets

Everitt's 1910-1920's
A wonderful selection of seed packets printed between 1910 and 1930, magnificent artist renditions of flowers and vegetables.
Everitt's 1930-50's
A wonderful selection of seed packets printed between 1930 and 1950, by Schmidt Litho Co. and Galloway Litho Co. All these are from the same series and frame nicely.
Lone Star Seed Co. Flowers
No description available
Lone Star Seed Co. Vegetables
No description available
Burts Seed
A large selection of Antique Burts seed packets, mainly from the 1910's. Also early stock packets that were found with the Burts.
Card Seed Co
A great selection of early antique Card Seed Co packets from various periods of time.
Other Seed Companies Vegetable
A large selection of various vegetable seed packets from different companies, dating from 1910 to 1950.
Archias Seed
A wide selection of packets from the 1910's up to the 1970's. Most flowers in four different sizes. Great prices on commoner recent packets.
French Seed Labels / Packets
French seed labels and some packets. These early printed labels would be glued onto small bag like packets for retail. Nice graphics.
Other Seed Companies Flower
A variety of Vintage Seed Packets from various companies such as Ferry, Farmers, Ruppert. Listed by company
Mandeville & King
No description available
Recent Stock Seed Packets
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