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We Buy Crate Labels, Can Labels & Old Magazines

We buy crate labels, so if you are selling fruit crate labels or vegetable crate labels, you have found a good place. We are interested in all types of can and fruit crate labels, old seed packets and older magazines.

If you are selling crate labels here are some key factors you should to follow to make it a smooth, easy and enjoyable.

Put together a detailed list of the crate labels you are selling, brand name, and type (such as orange crate label or lemon crate label, etc.), condition and quantity. If you have a large amount you can say, one inch of this brand, or if a very large quantity you may be better off calling. I can be reached at 1-530-343-5929. It's tough to buy crate labels without information.
Search the internet to find crate label dealers, contact a few different ones and see what the replies are like. You want to find someone you can work with, not all people work well with everyone. Don't be in a hurry.
It is very important to be honest. Often dealers contact each other when someone is selling crate labels - it is a small hobby. In the past I had a guy offer me a one of a kind label not knowing that I had already talked to another dealer who bought this one of a kind label from him. The guy chuckled and said, 'well I found another one farther back in the storage". I will pay top dollar for images I need, however, if something doesn't seem right I walk away quickly, as other dealers and the group you have to sell to drops dramatically if any questionable actions are evident. I've literally seen people lose thousands of dollars this way.
Lastly as with anything, you do get the most value for your items if you find the right buyer. For example if you have a large pile of your family's fruit crate label, you would want to sell to a wholesaler who will market to other label dealers. I do work with other dealers and often split purchases that are very large, also in the past if something pops up and I know a good spot for it, I'll recommend contacting someone else. I also do appraisals and if I don't know the value of something I'm sure I do know someone who does or can find out. No one is an expert in every area of label collecting. If you do have any questions or have some labels for sale please contact me at 1-530-343-5929, we also buy old magazines. Thank you.